– Tradition in new form

frier&frier is a design company that produce and sell architect designed quality furniture and design products based in Aarhus, Denmark. The sisters Line and Marie Frier design timeless furniture that continues the classical Danish furniture tradition through a love of materials, craft and development of new sensuous form.

Line and Marie Frier  are born and raised in Aarhus and have a unique sense of belonging in the city where nature, forest, and sea are everpresent. In 2010 the two sisters founded the architectural studio Frier Architecture that frier&frier sprang from in 2014.

frier&frier launched their first products, the ’Antilope’ furniture series. Antilope is a series of tables that with their powerful yet feminine and assymmetrical expression renew the role of the table as a stage for meals and conversation.

//We believe in architectue, not just as a framework, but as an enriching spatial partner in the experience of the events of life. Due to its immediate relation to and proximity to the human body the furniture scale possesses a unique potential in the creation and experience of these events. By means precise treatment of form, materials, and detailing it can stage, it can introduce, it can caress and even embrace. It is this potential of furniture, as a foundation for architecture’s primary spatial purpose that we explore in our work. Here our fascination with especially the danish furniture tradition that is intimately linked to our architectural heritage, blends with eager and will to experiment.and explore new boundaries for furniture as an enriching space generating element.//